If you love old tools and believe in the saying "They don't make them like they used to" you are home! Vintage vises are a great addition to your workshop, garage or basement hobby area. Beautiful in their own right, they are also just as functional, if not more than a new modern vise made in China, Taiwan or other far off lands.

Where to find old vises?

Like most collectibles, the thrill is in the hunt. Bench vises show up in the strangest places, but the usual spots are auctions, garage sales, Craigslist and more recently Facebook Marketplace.


Can you identify this vise?

The most frequent question I get on Facebook and Instagram. Grandpa may have had an old vise bolted to his workbench and now you are the proud owner but you have no idea on manufacturer, model number or value, I am here to help...

Vise Library - Now with searchable spreadsheet!

Sell me a vise!

I buy and sell some of my collection and can even do vise restorations. Most vises are sold on eBay but I have a select stock of vises which are prime candidates for restoration and are for sale through this site.

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How do I restore a vise?

There is no better feeling than to restore a vintage bench vise to like-new condition. Part of the attraction for me to vises is the quick and easy restoration process which leaves me with a sense of accomplishment.

Restoration Tips
Types of Vises